A global trading company since 1897 The Elof Hansson Group conducts international trade in forest, industrial and consumer products across the world. We also invest in and develop real estate projects. Our roots go back to 1897, when the young merchant Elof Hansson started the company in Hamburg. His original business philosophy and “house rules” have been passed down from one generation of employees to the next and continue to drive the Elof Hansson Group of today and tomorrow. Read more about our history >> Business units Trade Elof Hansson Trade sources forest products from leading suppliers in Europe, Asia and the Americas for customers all over the world. We don’t just sell a product, but rather an added-value package of financing, risk management, shipping and marketing. Read more >> Industry Elof Hansson Industry’s business concept includes acquisition and development of industrial and trading companies as well as sales of machinery, equipment and complete plants to the global pulp and paper industry. Read more >> Properties Elof Hansson Properties is a young real estate company in Gothenburg that builds on Elof Hansson’s tradition of recognizing and utilizing business opportunities. The company invests in, develops, owns and manages mainly commercial real estate and invests in new real estate projects. Read more >> Products Our product range comprises both industrial and consumer products. The main product groups are: Pulp, paper and board Timber and building materials Plants and machinery for the pulp, paper, packaging and sugar industries Electrical home appliances Global network The worldwide activities of the Elof Hansson Group are managed and coordinated from our headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. The headquarters house management, sales divisions, financing, risk management and shipping departments. Our subsidiaries are the strategic hubs of our global network of business specialists. They interact with both agents in the individual regions and the sales managers at the headquarters in Gothenburg. In total, we have subsidiaries and agents in more than 100 countries, each involved in one or more of the Group’s business areas. Elof Hansson Foundation The number of employees in the Group is about 300 and the annual business volume amounts to approximately USD 1 billion. The company is owned by the foundation Elof Hanssons Stiftelse >> Elof Hansson Holding Elof Hansson Holding is the parent company of Elof Hansson Group and consolidates the activities of the three business areas. The Holding company consists of the financial, business development, HR and Corporate communication functions. The Holding company is led by the CEO, Mikael Forslund. MAIN CONTACT Core vision Driven by continuous adjustment, development and improvement of our business acumen, our vision is to always provide business partners with added value of the quality and competitiveness that allow us to maintain and strengthen our global trading position and remain a leading player within the business areas we prioritize. Business concept Elof Hansson initiates, develops and maintains worldwide business relations in well-defined business areas. We do this through our knowledge of our business areas, combined with competence in marketing, sales, financing and logistics. We thereby make a positive contribution to the growth and development of our customers’ and suppliers’ businesses, while strengthening Elof Hansson’s position as a leading international trading house. Trust Trust is closely related to the concepts of reliability, credibility and confidence. These core values have been in Elof Hansson’s “genes” since the founder wrote, in 1904 memo , under the heading Advice to My Employees in the Company, “Always speak and write the truth! Truth creates confidence, success. Untruth creates distrust, decline, ruin.” Commitment Our vision and business concept stand or fall on the commitment to our mutually agreed goals and values with which the company imbues its employees. This commitment must, and does, permeate the entire Group and is communicated out to the market. Professionalism Training, experience and knowledge combined with an ongoing learning process are the basis of our professionalism. At Elof Hansson, we must know our craft! And where we don’t , we must acknowledge this and be open to learning.